Yardscreen® Monthly Mosquito ServiceThink Outside, Think Freedom, Think Yardscreen®Smiling boy in gardenGirls smiling in yard; children running through a sprinklerMosquitoes?® Call Yardscreen.1-800-MOSQUITOES™

Imagine an outside without a downside

Boy with arms spread in a field

Mosquitoes? Look no further than Yardscreen. We'll create a haven in your outdoor areas, away from mosquitoes. Stepping outside should be as natural and carefree as kissing your baby on the cheek. Picture perfect — just children playing, gardeners working the soil, maybe reading a book under the shade of a tree, or slowly grilling the perfect dinner for two under the stars.

The Yardscreen monthly mosquito service paints these pictures every day by eliminating the nuisance from your property while lessening the risk of family and friends contracting a vector-borne disease such as West Nile Virus. Immediately after the season's first application you will notice the absence of mosquitoes in your leisure areas and open spaces.

What a difference!

And you'll continue to enjoy the freedom Yardscreen provides every month of the temperate seasons as we revitalize the insecticide barrier between your yard and the mosquitoes in the area. You can be sure of our dedication to Environmental Protection Agency standards as we deliver the affordable results you were seeking.

Yardscreen is a decades-proven service that incorporates an integrated approach to mosquito management. Each customer will receive a tailored solution that includes an area walk-through assessment, mitigation of pre-adult conditions, application of adult insecticides in harborage areas where mosquitoes rest and seek nourishment, and monthly progress monitoring.

Yardscreen is America's mosquito service…

It's effective, value-priced, and maintenance-free. So if you've got Mosquitoes? Call Yardscreen!