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Mosquito protection program and pricing for residential and commercial customers.

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As public health professionals, mosquito control and vector management is The Yardscreen Company's only business. It is our core competency and that is why we are America's Mosquito Service. We don't offer half measures such as traps, gimmicks such as misting systems, expensive one-hour fixes available at home improvement stores, and we won't require you to buy "home pest control services" for termites and roaches.

The Yardscreen Program is based on a strategy we call Integrated Mosquito Management. Mosquito season usually runs from March through October. Each month, Yardscreen will inspect and remediate the property for standing water where mosquito eggs mature, provide an insecticide barrier application to surfaces used by mosquitoes to rest and feed, and monitor conditions for maximum effectiveness. The barrier application utilizes technical advantages approved by the EPA for urban settings to provide once-a-month residual protection from mosquitoes.

Pricing for Yardscreen mosquito services for residential and commercial customers.

Pricing for the revolving seasonal program starts at $95 per visit for a typical quarter acre or less. One-time applications for open-air events are also available, please contact us for an estimate.

For heavily landscaped, wooded, and/or fenced properties at .25 acre or more, the prices are dependent on the number of tanks used because the number of surface areas requiring treatment can be more numerous. Customers with larger properties also can define specific areas for treatment in order to manage costs.

The program is discounted by 5% for advance seasonal payment.

For government entities and commercial customers with large properties, call us and we will customize a seasonal package that achieves your mosquito management objectives.

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